Oct 012014

Minolta Vectis 3000 APS Camera

Minolta Vectis 3000 APS Camera

  • APS film format
  • Three print sizes, including panorama
  • Mid-roll change
  • External passive auto focus system
  • Mid-roll rewind

Unlike most other compact zoom cameras that use a single infrared beam for autofocusing, the Minolta Vectis 3000 has three precisely aligned LED beams and over 400 focusing steps to sense your subject, and measure the distance between it and the camera. This means that you get crisp, in-focus shots regardless of the lighting situation. Once you have your subject focused, the Vectis 3000 lets you lock the focus by holding the shutter-release button part of the way down, and then reposition

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: $ 299.99

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