Jan 242014

Shadows On A Wall: Juan O’Gorman and the Mural in Patzcuaro

Shadows On A Wall: Juan O'Gorman and the Mural in Patzcuaro

Novelist and essayist Hilary Masters recreates a moment in 1940s Pittsburgh when circumstances, ideology, and a passion for the arts collided to produce a masterpiece in another part of the world.E. J. Kaufmann, the so-called “merchant prince” who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, was a man whose hunger for beauty included women as well as architecture.He had transformed his family’s department store into an art deco showcase with murals by Boardman Robinson and now sought to beaut

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Research into the Semantic Poetics of Russian Akmeism (Russian Edition)

Research into the Semantic Poetics of Russian Akmeism (Russian Edition)

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Research into the Semantic Poetics of Russian Akmeism& is a collection of articles that combines the texts of two literary theorists and linguists, Suren Zoljan and Mihhail Lotman. The book is devoted to the poetics of Osip Mandelstam and Anna Ahmatova, leading figures of Russian akmeism in which their most important semantic mechanisms are outlined. Mandelstam and Ahmatova both share the compression of meaning, but their works also exhibit principal differences, e.g. Ahmatova often tries to enc

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Price: $ 18.00