Jun 152014

Intermatic HA101K Home Settings Wireless Kit

Intermatic HA101K Home Settings Wireless Kit

  • All items are controlled by Radio Frequency (no wiring is involved)
  • Easy DIY installation
  • 12 Channels – each channel can control up to 16 devices to create scenes or timed events
  • RF signal reliability–each Home Settings product has a special repeater feature that virtually guarantees that RF signals are received
  • Astronomic Feature – this option allows your time settings to match the daily changes in sunrise and/or sunset; set it once and never have to set it again

Starter Kit including 2 x HA03 & HA07
The HomeSettings lighting control starter kit manages the illumination system for your entire home. Choose Intermatic HomeSettings Products for Affordable Home Control
Reliable safety, security and convenience are no longer luxuries reserved for millionaires and tech-heads. Intermatic is a leader in developing a reliable home control system with a reasonable price point, exceptional effectiveness and real ease-of-use that integrates seamlessly in

List Price: $ 109.99

Price: $ 84.99