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Aug 082013

Indoor Wireless Remote One-Outlet Socket System

Indoor Wireless Remote One-Outlet Socket System

  • Digital coding: the application of imported digital chips for encoding processing avoids the mutual control with neighbors who use the same series of products
  • Comply with the limits for a CLASS B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules
  • High stability of receiving signal, not influenced by climate or environment
  • Indoor remote control through walls with a 10-meter range
  • Can work only by inserting the plug into it


This indoor wireless remote system works through doors, walls and floors so that you can control lights and appliances without moving an inch! Plug the receiver into a standard wall outlet and then use the key chain transmitter to turn switch on and off. This remote system is polarized and grounded and very useful for Christmas lights too!


-High capacity of receiving circuit and resisting interference

-High stability of receiving signal, n

List Price: $ 13.95

Price: $ 13.95

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