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Home Improvement: Season Three

Home Improvement: Season Three


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    I don’t think so tim, August 13, 2005
    PSEUDO-NAME INSERT HERE (a haunted house) –

    Another great season of Home Improvement is here, here in this season is where it begins to take off with some great episodes such as the halloween episode crazy for you when tim thinks there a fan stalking him and dream on where al’s girlfriend has a romantic dream of tim and reel man where al and tim go fishing, and many more . plus heidi is introduced in this season.anyway here are the rest of the episodes from season 3

    Maybe Baby: Jill discovers that her sister is having a baby girl and wishes that she could have a baby girl . rating 4.5/5

    Aisle see you in my dreams: Jill fixes Al up with a date(Ilene) rating 4.5/5

    This joke’s for you: Tim installs a intercom in the house then heres Randy making fun of him RATING 4.5/5

    A sew, sew evening Tim finds his new neighbor annoying, Brad signs up for home ecc. to meet girls but finds out that hes in a class room full of boys. rating 4/5

    Arrivederci binford:Tim’s boss die’s and tim is afraid to cry rating 4/5

    Crazy for you: Tim thinks a fan is after him at his halloween party , only to find out it was all a prank rating 5/5

    Blow up; Tim accidentally blows up Jills old drivers licences photo at her library fundraising dinner rating 4.5/5

    Be true to your tool; Tims new boss Wes Davidson want Tim to promote a bad tool on tool time, the boys go shopping rating 4.5/5

    Dollars and sense: the boys buy a remote control indy car w/ saving bonds, tim falls through a port -a – potty rating 5/5

    A frozen moment: On thanksgiving tim wants the family to dress up in customs for there family christmas card, on tool tim Tim and Al introduce the man’s bathroom rating 5/5

    Feud for thought; Jill doesnt what to go to her high school reunion for fear she may run into her old friend that stole her boy friend from her, Al babysits the boys rating 4/5

    Twas the blight before Christmas;Tim competes w/ neighbor Doc Johnson in the neighborhood christmas light contest, Brad whats to go skiing w/ his friends on Christmas RATING 5/5

    Slip sleddin away: Randy loses in a sleddin race to neighborhood bullys so tim powers up the sled then Randy sprains his wrist rating 4.5/5

    dream on ; Al’s girlfriend Ilene has a dream about Tim on golden stallion rating 5/5

    Reel man: Tim and Al go ice fishing, then Tim falls in. rating 5/5

    The colonel; JIlls dad comes to vist, Tim builds a hockey puck shooter for randy rating 4/5

    Room for a change: Brad and Randy wont stop fighting so Tim puts Mark in w/ Randy and Brad in Marks room. rating 5/5

    The eve of construction: Tim an AL take place in habitat for humanity , when Jill want to join in Tim doesn’t think that couples should work together rating 4/5

    Too many cooks: AL and Tim sud in for the cooking w/ irma show w/ Tim as the assistant rating 5/5

    It was the best of tim’s, it was the worst of tims: After Tim charms the women that a baby shower, Jill wants to have a romantic evening rating 4.5/5

    Fifth anniversary: After Tim and Al introduce the man’s kitchen they find that they have no money left to do there fifth anniversary show rating 4.5/5

    Swing time: Tim and the boys were going to get Jill a hot tub for mother’s day , but then Tim builds her a swing instead rating 4/5

    What you see is what you get :Jill researching cosmetic surgery

    then after tim start making jokes about it , then Jill thinks that Tim wants her to get it rating 4.5/5

    Reality bytes randy pertends to be a thirty-two yr old on the computer and meets a twenty – five old women , Tim helps mark w/ his science project rating 5/5

    The great race Two: Tim wants to race Bob Vila in his hot rod after bob raises more money then Tim in Jills library charity contest rating 4/5

    and thats season 3 i can’t wait for it to come out .

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    A great season., November 22, 2005
    P. Burgos “J.D.” (Delano, CA) –

    Home Improvement lasted for 8 seasons on ABC and the third season by far is one of the best seasons I’ve ever seen a long time! The best episode IMO would have to be the part where Tim and Bob compete for the third and final time on the show. Also the best episode would have to be the 5th anniversary of “Tool Time!” I like Home IMprovement and it will be the best of all time!

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    Great family show, December 27, 2005

    I’m dissapointed now a days when I turn on the tv to find the same garbage. Sex, drugs, and language is all that’s on. I’m glad to see that Home Improvement hasn’t been forgotten. It’s funny and a great show that is appropriate for the entire family. I highly reccommend all three seasons. They’re great and if you’re like me, I’m sure you’ll love them.

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