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Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller, Quartz

Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller, Quartz

  • Baby jogger patented quick fold technology allows you to fold your stroller with one hand
  • Converts to a double in a few easy steps with 16 possible seating configurations
  • 12″ rear and 8″ front forever air tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride over any terrain with front wheel suspension and lockable swivel front wheel for long distance strolling
  • Padded reclining seat with a multi position sun canopy, adjustable foot well and 5 point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle covers
  • Telescoping handle bar

The multi award winning City Select is a multi functional stroller that allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets and car seats to select their stroller seating to suit their family’s individual needs. Presenting a unique patented design, the City Select starts as a single stroller but can be customized into 16 different combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and single seat combo (with double conversion kits and accessories sold separately). Standard features on this m

List Price: $ 499.99

Price: $ 461.55

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List Price: $ 20.00

Price: $ 20.00

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  3 Responses to “Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller, Quartz Reviews”

  1. 143 of 149 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The only stroller you’ll ever need – for one or two kids, April 11, 2011
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    The City Select may just be the only stroller you’ll ever need, especially if you are planning on having a second child. With three kids under four, I’ve had my fair share of single and double strollers. This is by far the best one I’ve owned because it is the narrowest, goes anywhere – indoors or out – and folds compactly.


    * It was just named Baby Gizmo’s Top Tandem/ Twin stroller of the year.

    * Goes anywhere as a single or double stroller – the reason I got it. I found out the hard way that side-by-sides do not fit between parked cars – the City Select does, with room to spare. No more leaving one child alone in front of the car while I put the other in their car seat. The narrow width (26″) of the City Select is a huge advantage at doctor’s offices, restaurants and stores that have narrower aisles.

    * It can be used from birth up. You can configure the City Select with optional Baby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor for one or two babies (three types sold, some car seats fit better than others) or with one or two seats (place the heaviest child in the top position); it can have stadium seating facing forward (with a huge storage basket), or you can put both seats facing you so they can recline fully 180 degrees (better for babies 6m+, looks like bunk beds).

    * The three-part canopies are excellent and provide far more shade than most Maclaren strollers. A mesh zip-in backing can be zipped in front for additional sun shade when the sun is low (though the instructions don’t say this). A clear peek-a-boo window with built in mesh on top has a flap with quiet magnetic close.

    * Total weight load recommended for this stroller is 45 lbs. per seat (combined passenger and baggage weight), so calculate 90 lbs. total max allowance with two seats. Max allowance for the basket is 15 lbs. and for each seat pocket, 2 lbs. My 14 m babies are 22 & 21 lbs., the diaper bag is 8 lbs. = 51 lbs. Still way under the limit.

    * Optional carrycot(s) are sold separately.

    * The Forever Air wheels with front suspension work on many surfaces. I’ve been able to use the City Select on narrow paths, snow, grass and mud. The City Selects pushes very easily on smooth surfaces, even with my 32 lb son. In comparison, the BOB Revolution Stroller is superior off-road, has 3″ suspension and feels lighter to push, but it’s way too long to use indoors in smaller spaces (especially if you have the Duallie). The Maclaren Techno, Quest and Triumph strollers handle very well on smooth surfaces but are hard to use in uneven terrain and snow.

    * Very compact fold. The City Select takes up a quarter of the trunk of my minivan standing up, with all three rows up (half the space with a 2nd seat). If I need more cargo space in back, I simply stash the stroller & seat(s) in the third row of the minivan. As a double, it takes up less space folded than a Bob Duallie or Twin Techno.

    * Huge storage basket – with the seats facing forward, the City Select has an enormous basket. I’ve been able to finally go grocery shopping and fit a fair amount of groceries underneath, whether configured as a single or a double (up to 15 lbs but I also use the footwells for heavy items). In addition, if you put one baby facing you in the stroller in the stroller and another in a carrier such as the Ergo, one of the seats can be reclined fully to hold a shopping basket & groceries, up to 45 lbs (about 3-4 bags)- a Stroller Hook can be used to keep the basket secured to the side of the stroller.

    * When the seats are rear-facing as a double, storage is more limited but still generous. Zippers on all corners allow you to extend it and put in large items from the front, back or sides.

    * With the seats facing away from each other, you can partially recline them and get the full benefit of the huge basket underneath.

    * The hand break is very easy to use and with the rubber wheels in back, provides a sure grip.

    * The handle extends from 39″ to 42″ for taller parents.

    * I’m able to fit two 7 lb. KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat – Pistachio or two 7 lb. BABYBJÖRN BabySitter Balance, Brown/Beige bouncy seats in the storage basket – the diaper bag hanging down from the Munchkin stroller hook keeps them secure. No other single/ double stroller I have can do this – it’s great for playgroups or when I need to take the babies out of the stroller for any reason and am alone…

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  2. 99 of 107 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great stroller BUT…, July 7, 2011

    I did a lot of research before deciding on the City Select. I have two daughters, 3 years old and 8 months old, and wanted a stroller that I could use for the both of them. I ended up choosing the City Select because it not only had the option of being used as a single stroller, but also as a double stroller. The versatility alone immediately intrigued me. However, I no longer own the City Select stroller and I will tell you why:

    1. Although the seat capacity is 45 lbs, my 3 year old (at 35 lbs) sat uncomfortably in the seat with her winter jacket on. When it warmed up, she could sit normally in the seat, however, if you intend to use this stroller in the winter, with winter jackets, your older child may not be comfortable. The seat depth is not forgiving of winter jackets.

    2. Even when she was able to sit normally in the seat (w/o a jacket), the seat depth is still not that deep (8 inches). The 2010 model also does not have a seat board so it’s just a canvas material holding your child up (they have added a seat board to the 2011 model).

    3. The straps are an absolute PAIN to adjust. It literally took me and my husband 5-6 minutes to adjust EACH of the 4 straps for our daughters. I’ve never had that issue with any stroller I’ve owned. My daughter’s carseat was even easier to adjust than the stroller. Go figure.

    4. The stroller also does not stand on it’s own. The way that I finagled that is by locking the front wheels and that way it would lean up against my garage wall without sliding forward when it was not in use.

    5. If you intend on using the stroller with kids who are two different ages, the stroller maneuverability will be compromised when you put your oldest (and obviously heavier) child the furthest away from you. It is extremely hard to push and turn when the weight is in the front. Because I wanted to keep my youngest closest to me, I did not like this at all. Whenever I used the stroller as a double I had to put my infant furthest away to maintain the smooth ride. The only plus in that situation was the stroller versatility in seating, I turned the front seat around so that it was facing me so that I could keep an eye on the baby.

    6. In order to use it as a double there are SO many steps to follow. When alone, it would be difficult to do the setup with an impatient infant and toddler…or even two infants. You have to detach the first seat (if you’ve been using it as a single), take off the covers to the insert location of the double seat mounting brackets, insert the second seat mounting brackets, and finally, attach the second seat. You also can not fold the stroller when it is set up as a double so you would have to detach the second seat, the second seat mounting brackets AND the first seat in order to fold it up as flat as possible. Imagine doing that alone with two kids! I started to feel like I couldn’t use the stroller without my husband which defeated the purpose.

    7. This stroller is H-E-A-V-Y! It is 28 lbs as a single stroller and 34 lbs as a double stroller…not counting the weight of the children. Regardless whether you put the heaviest child closer to you or not, turning the stroller could take some extra muscles at times.

    8. This stroller comes with NO accessories. Seriously! Not even a belly bar! The stroller itself is $500, the second seat kit is $160. If you needed two carseats for twins that is $120 for two carseat adapters. You’ll probably want belly bars and they are about $30 a piece. The raincover is $40…multiply that times two if you are using the double option…insane! By the time you purchase every accessory that you’ll need for this stroller you are in the Bugaboo price range…so why not just buy a Bugaboo or the likes?

    9. I do NOT recommend this stroller for public transportation users! We used it once when trying to go to a circus in Downtown Boston instead of driving our car…the WORST! Particularly on the buses. The stroller is just too wide (26 inches) for comfort and convenience on public transportation. I cannot even imagine how much worse it would have been if we had to fold up our stroller like they require in NY.

    Now this stroller does have some great features. Here they are:

    1. 16+ seating combinations is amazing! The ample amount of seating options was so very intriguing to me. You just don’t see that in the stroller market.

    2. The seats can fully recline for sleepy babies. My infant was always incredibly comfy when she feel asleep.

    3. The handles are adjustable from 39″ all the way up to 42″…my tall husband was very happy with that feature. :)

    4. I LOVED having the breaking system right up near your right hand and not down by your feet. All I had to do was flip it up and the stroller did not move an INCH!

    5. I loved having the option of using…

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  3. 18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Best stroller for twins or near in age, April 30, 2012

    After reading and watching countless stroller reviews, we settled on the Baby Jogger City Select (BJCS). We have 2 boys, 4 months apart, so we needed essentially a stroller for twins. For comparison’s sake, we’ve been using a 7 year old Bugaboo Frog and a Graco snap n go. Of the strollers we considered, only the UppaBaby and the Britax B-Ready were available in town to test. The Phil & Ted’s explorer and BJCS were unavailable even though we live in PDX and you would think this city is big enough. We settled right off the bat on an in-line tandem. Side by sides are just too obnoxious. If you’re on the road in a quiet neighborhood or out in the open, it’s fine. But if you’re on a sidewalk or a path, you force everyone to get out of your way.

    Minuses First:
    EXPENSIVE. Everyone’s comments were spot-on. Everything’s a la carte and pricier than the competition. And if you want to take advantage of the flexibility of the travel system (car seat adapter) and a second seat, you have to go ahead and buy the second seat to get the second seat adapters. So your upfront investment is large.

    BIG. While it is an in-line tandem, the price you pay for it’s flexibility is the fact that one kid is centered over the front wheels. All the other inlines put both kids within the wheelbase of the stroller. So while the overall length of the stroller in single position is about the same as all the others, with the second seat, that kid is out front making the stroller almost a foot longer than the stroller length. Some of the comments we saw are that the stroller is hard to steer with the heavy kid up front. That’s definitely true given the fact that pure physics dictates that with the kid’s weight out over the front wheels, it’s hard to pivot. It’s definitely not a deal breaker. Any stroller with two kids is going to be hard to pivot on a dime. And the weight over the front wheels also makes it harder to pop a wheelie and get it over a curb. Fortunately, we’re two dads and we’re both easily strong enough to do that. You simply put your foot on the back axle and tilt the stroller up.

    Car Seat adapter. Awful quality and design in stark contrast to something like the Bugaboo’s travel system. The Bugaboo is a simple drop in, click, and then click the car seat right in. Because they are trying to be Universal, it isn’t ideal for any single brand. Our Graco Snugride fits and is safe, but it’s wobbly. Putting the adapter in place also works, but it’s just not as simple as the Bugaboo’s drop in. It takes two hands, you have to align each side (right and left) and then put a strap over the top. It feels like a cheap shortcut.

    QUALITY. The stroller exudes quality. It’s polished, solid, and rolls smoothly over all surfaces. It is easy to put together in < 5 minutes, and you can take it apart equally fast for travel. Everything snaps or clicks into place with a solid thunk. Everything fits together well and there are no rattles. The Quartz fabric feels durable and hides dirt well. The aluminum and the canvas and the wheels are all of high quality and feel bullet-proof. The price for the stroller itself is probably appropriate and commensurate to its competition.

    Configurations. With two boys so close in age, we figured that there will be the inevitable fighting and kicking, but also hopefully peaceful and loving playtime. So the big attraction of the BJCS was the ability to put them facing together when they’re good. Or we can put them facing apart or both forward on the rare occasion that they aren’t the perfect little angels we expect them to be. The other inlines have one kid sitting below and behind the other. We didn’t want one kid to always feel he was getting a second-class seat without a view. We also saw that configuration as an invitation for one kid to kick the other. At least that would be what I would have done to my sibling at that age.

    Cargo. Because of the way this stroller puts the second kid out front instead of down and behind, the entire storage basket is available for use. It’s huge. You can fit a large diaper bag, a big purse (auntie’s, not the dads’), and coats and sweaters from all the adults that are getting hot and sweaty pushing nearly 60 lbs. up a hill. This basket holds everything you would want on a stroll or trip. It’s very useful for shopping trips and walking around all day because it carries so much and that you don’t have to on your shoulders or back.

    OVERALL. For our situation with two kids close in age, this stroller seemed ideal and it has lived up to its expectations. It is not as maneuverable as our Bugaboo but it’s head and shoulders better than a normal tandem. It beats a side-by-side stroller for overall utility. If your kids aren’t going to be as close in age, the other inlines are going to be more maneuverable simply because all the weight is…

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